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New York City record label companydedicated to promote new music. Everything from Pop, Electronic, Alternative, Classical, New Age, and Experimental to Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, Industrial, Demo, World, Techo, Ambient ... An independent N. pop York City-based label dedicated to promote everything pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, distribution - make company rap thru promotion: promote. Vma music recod Independent in NYC rap hip hop, Demo, electronic hip redord. Independent record label company, Rap, r and b people, electronic independent record label, forever record deals too buy, indie rock, indie Techo nyc hip hop trance. We plan to create get behind artists whose music is generated in great york part, if not totally, by recod promote electronic means," VMA Records' Promotion Manager, experimental indepedent Indie Record Label New York NYC, explains. "We consider Electronic Music submit. to embrace a variety of musical genres (DEMO Submissions, we will be presenting everything redord from Techno, Alternative, Classical, New Age indepedent Experimental to (Independent Record company) Ambient, Industrial, Demo, World, Ethnic, Computer Music, Electronica... Besides music eletronica regular distribution, the redord label intends to alternative distribution hop. Aggressively explore all make the possibilities american idol in york - sign deal. That the Internet has to offer, including its assets sales phenomenon recod. By create their release date, distribution VMA Records products indepedent - submit demo, submission. It will be available worldwide exclusively throughout the Web (the albums' related techo website can be accessed in nine languages, plus English rock) distribution tracks will be electronica york unsigned bands immediately attainable for individual downloads in the major formats (MP3, independent techno redord in Liquid Audio), experimental techno electronica Media Player and Quicktime, with make previews MSN, iTunes, Real Audio and Shockwave. (Realaudio to liquidaudio). The find Label will also offer special features such as customized CDs distribution / promotion, free downloads with a strong hard rock presence on web radio electronica stations. The lag time create between Internet release distribution company an album appearance in U.S. Independent Record stores will generally be about two months. Further independent music distribution company recod in Europe, Asia and Latin America eletronica is in the works, VMA Records deals will be announcing other releases in the near future. indepedent redord DEMOs. Classical ambient - Find sound record company you need nyc indie when techo browsing industrial records company make vma electronic our pages. Eletronica New Age: Best Downloads. Here for Hip Hop. Alternative atmospheric ambient world. Who want to experience independent record company deal, novelty and oddnes people. Indie DEMO Submission. Strings attached . VMA music. Experimantal Classical recod is here. This also for electronic. Search techno label, New York.

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