About Us - VMA Records: New York City-based independent record label. Music from independent artists of all styles. Pop, alternative...


We are looking for artists and/or acts who are unique, talented, totally professional and READY to launch (go)! All genres of music will be considered, with emphasis on Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop.


Please send a photo, a detailed TYPED bio, and a CD with all pertinent info (song titles, contact info, etc...) printed on it. If you do not send all three items, your material will be discarded. Hand written bios, CDs with no info printed on them, will also be discarded. *

Send your material (photo, bio, and CD or tape) via REGULAR MAIL.

ATT.: We are not accepting any material at the moment.
*We DO NO ACCEPT (for operational reasons) on-line submissions. Due to the number of submissions, it is impossible to email and / or respond to everyone. Please do not contact us for feedback on your material. We will contact you if there is interest.



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